ATV Response to Covid-19

Last Update: 15th April 2021

GENERAL STATUS: ATV headquarters and manufacturing plant in Colico (Italy) is fully operational and have adopted the safety measures and protocols outlined by national authorities. 


On March 17th, 2020, ATV adopted a corporate protocol regarding the measures to fight and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in workplaces (hereinafter, the "Protocol"), implementing the national protocol signed on March 14th, 2020 and updated on April 6th, 2021 by and between the employers' organizations and Trade Unions.

Preventive and timely information is the first precautionary measure. Therefore, ATV commits to bring this information, which summarizes the indications contained in the Protocol, to the attention of employees, customers, suppliers, and all other subjects who will occasionally or systematically access to any company facilities.

By entering ATV premises, all aforementioned subjects certify that they understand the content of this information note and are therefore willing to comply with the provisions of the Protocol, as reaffirmed below:

  • Anybody wishing to access company premises shall have their temperature taken. If their temperature is higher than 37.5 ° C, access to the company will not be allowed for any reason. These subjects will be treated in accordance with the operating instructions issued to manage the presence of symptomatic people in ATV.
  • At the onset of fever (> 37.5 ° C), cough or other symptoms of respiratory infection in one of their cohabiting family members, staff must avoid going to the company and must inform their doctor, their manager or HR manager.
  • Furthermore, at the discretion of ATV, visitors and staff may also be asked to provide a declaration that certifies, in the previous 15 days the non-existence of circumstances that could preclude access to company premises, such as:

  1. body temperature higher than 37.5 ° C
  2. the onset of cough or other symptoms of respiratory infection
  3. being subjected or having been in contact with people subjected to home quarantine measures or who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who come from risk areas according to WHO indications.
  4. the onset of fever (> 37.5 ° C), cough or other symptoms of respiratory infection in one of their cohabiting family members

b) undergo a molecular or antigenic swab test on arrival at the airport, port, or border of entry.
As a general rule, it is always recommended to wear a face mask when in ATV premises.

Instructions about the correct use of face masks are posted in in several places in the company premises.

When registering at the reception, it will be checked whether the suppliers and customers who, for reasons strictly related to their work, access the company premises, have the prescribed PPE.

Third parties are allowed within the company premises only for the time strictly necessary to carry out needed activities. They must avoid any contact with ATV staff not directly involved in the aforementioned activities. In any case, visitors must wear the prescribed PPE for the entire duration of their visit, up to the moment they leave from the company gates, and comply with the provisions of the Protocol, as referred to in this information note.

In the event that employees of third-parties (e.g. inspectors, maintenance workers, suppliers, cleaners or security guards) have tested positive for the COVID-19 and who have operated within the company context in the previous 15 days, those third parties must immediately inform ATV. Both parties will have to collaborate with the health authority by providing useful elements for identifying any close contacts.

Dedicated toilets are available to suppliers and other external personnel, the use of which is precluded to ATV employees.

Common areas are potential sources of contact between people and may facilitate the spread of the virus. It is necessary to rationalize their use, identifying specific procedures that regulate the stay in these areas as well as entry and exit procedures. More in particular:
  • Only authorized personnel is allowed to be in the common areas. Safety distance of 1 meter shall be observed. It is mandatory to wear a surgical mask (or higher protection) for all workers who share common areas; Personnel working in offices cannot only wear a mask at their work station if no other people are present in the work area/office.
    • Break areas: no more than one person may be present at any given time and stay in the common area only for the needed time to buy;
    • Smoking areas: covered areas are not accessible, but smokers are allowed to stay nearby in order to use the ashtrays installed there;
    • Reception: the permanence of staff is not allowed (except for transit) in the presence suppliers, customers, etc.
    • Canteen: the use of the canteen service is allowed by ATV personnel only.
    • Meeting Rooms: face to face meeting are allowed only for proven and objective reasons of necessity with a maximum number of six participants, unless the maximum capacity indicated outside the venue is violated. Keep the meeting room ventilated, participants at a distance> 1.5 m maximum duration of each session of 30 minutes, after which the meeting must be suspended and resumed only after evacuation of the participants and an air change of at least 10 minutes.
  • Along the corridors and on the stairs, it is necessary to always keep the distance of 1 meter, avoiding to cross paths with other personnel if it is not possible to keep such a distance.
  • Elevators may be used only by one person at a time
  • Transfers within offices must be kept to a minimum. Staff is allowed to move from their position only for physiological needs (including breaks prescribed by the current National Collective Agreement) and for working needs. Further movements are allowed only if authorized by managers, or by the company contact person in the case of visitors.
  • Access to turnstiles and stampers must be staggered to avoid gatherings. Safety distance of 1 meter must always be observed.
  • Cleaning and sanitization are fundamental actions which, together with interpersonal distancing, contribute to avoiding the spread of the virus.
    • It is forbidden to access meeting rooms, offices and other premises closed and out of use, since they are excluded from the periodic cleaning and sanitization processes;
    • Each worker cleans his workplace using products already diluted and ready to use, which can usually be sprayed on surfaces. The cleaning of the station is carried out at the beginning of the use by the operator. If the workstation is used by multiple operators throughout the day, each one of them will clean the workstation before use;
    • Operators who share equipment with others are required to handle it with gloves. In any case, each operator cleans equipment before using it and, where possible, before storing it / giving it to others;
    • Machine keyboards and push-buttons, touch screens, computer mice and joysticks must be sanitized several times a day using specific detergents;
  • Particular attention must be paid to the cleaning of common areas still usable (break areas, toilets, elevators) and installations (doors, windows, handrails) where the possibility of contact is greater.
    1. toilettes are sanitized several times a day using specific detergents;
    2. sanitization of break areas and canteen are carried out at the end of each fruition period defined on the basis of the organization of breaks. In order to assure the sanitization of all areas that may be touched by users, the push-button panel and the area for picking up the products from the vending machines will also be sanitized;
  • Doors, handles, handrails and other contact surfaces in the production departments are sanitized repeatedly during working hours by ATV personnel specifically dedicated to this.
  • A specific Committee for the application and verification of the Protocol rules has been set up in the company. It is composed by:
    • Enrico Sanguineti, General Manager;
    • Dott. Francesco Viglienghi, company doctor;
    • Giacomo Rossi, HSE Manager;
    • Riccardo Rebuffi, HR manager;
    • Fabio Braga, Representative of employees for safety;
    • Sergio Garavaglia, Representative of employees for safety;
    • Michele Pellegrino, Representative of employees for safety.
The Committee works to assess the correct application and verification of the rules of this Protocol. One or more members of the Committee will be present in the company during working hours and may be consulted by the staff for any question related to the requirements contained in this Protocol.

Without prejudicing the competences of the Committee, appointed persons will verify that their collaborators comply with the regulations. They will carry out frequent inspections in the work areas, and report any non-conformity, submitting to the Management a written report on any violation. The Management will adopt disciplinary measures in accordance with the corporate Disciplinary Code and in accordance with the current National Collective Agreement.

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