Code of ethics

  The Code defines the set of principles and ethical values which the Company intends to be inspired and aims to define the perimeter of the ATV ethical and social responsibilities of all those who work on ATV's behalf with the express intent of preventing irresponsible and/or unlawful conducts.

 ATV, by adopting and distributing the Code, identifies as recipients all its corporate members (members of the Board of directors, officers, statutory auditors, etc.), staff (managers, employees, workers, temporary/agency employees, etc.) and third parties who have dealings with the company (consultants, suppliers, service providers, etc.), hereinafter defined as the "Stakeholders" and binds the same to the strictest observance of the principles contained therein.

 In no event, the pursuit of an interest or an advantage for the Company - or even the conviction of operating with this aim - may justify improper behavior or conduct contrary to the principles embodied in the Code.

 The knowledge and observance of ethical requirements set forth herein represent a necessary condition for the establishment and the keeping of any business relations with the Company.

Please find attached our Code of Ethics.

Advanced Technology Valve S.p.A.

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Our Mission

We provide flow control solutions (valve and actuators) with the highest standards of reliability and performance to the most critical applications of the Oil & Gas upstream and downstream industry, Oil & Gas transmission, Power industry.