Subsea Side Entry Ball Valve

A compact and cost effective solution for many high flow subsea applications.


  • Compact envelope
  • Reliable performance
  • Suitable to high pressure and high temperature
Subsea Side Entry Ball Valve

ATV designs and manufactures a full range of Side Entry Ball Valves, trunnion mounted, two pieces, for offshore subsea applications in the Oil & Gas exploration, production and transmission, suitable for water depths to 3000 m (10000 ft).  

Side Entry Ball Valve offers the advantage of a compact envelope, reliable performance and a cost effective solution. Typically, soft-seated configuration is available for clean service whereas metal-to-metal sealing is the preferred choice for highest reliability in harsh service with the presence of solid particles, high pressure and high temperature. ATV supplies Ball Valves in a wide range of materials and configurations to meet any specific need of the application and customer’s requirements. Many optional features are available for seat designs, seat and stem seals, and end connections. 

Materials are sourced from qualified suppliers on the base of specifications that reflect the industry standards (API, ASTM, BS, DIN, NORSOK or others), but do also incorporate additional requisitions resulting from long experience.  

The subsea ball valves may be manually operated (by ROV or by diver, if feasible) or fitted with hydraulic actuators, rack and pinion or helical spline design, with double acting or fail safe, with or without ROV override. Retrievable design is available in order to have the possibility to declutch the actuator and retrieve it to the surface or reposition it on another valve, without affecting the production line. ATV provides different proprietary design for ROV bucket or diver retrievability, while the interface for the landing tool will be made to the user’s design. ATV offers the highest level of performance and reliability being its actuators engineered to grant safe and extended operating life. 

ATV designs, manufactures and tests its products in accordance with all the relevant Industry standards and codes (ANSI, API, ASME, BS, DNV, ISO, NACE, PED and others). ATV ball valves can be manufactured to conform product specification level up to PSL 4.

ATV stresses its willingness to produce engineered ball valves; therefore it welcomes requests for special size, class and design requirements.


Subsea Side Entry Ball Valve - Specifications


APPLICATIONS Production manifold, Flowline, Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM), Pipeline End Termination (PLET), Emergency Shut Down, Subsea Isolation, HIPPS, HPHT Subsea Pipeline, Riser, Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM), Pipeline End Termination (PLET), HIPPS
APPLICABLE STANDARDS API 17D, ISO 13628-4, ASME VIII, NACE MR0175 and other diffused Industry standards API 6DSS, ISO 14723, ASME VIII, ASME B16.34, ASME B16.10, ASME B16.5, NACE MR0175 and other diffused Industry standards
RANGE 2 1/16” ÷ 9”, Class 3000 psi and 5000 psi, 1 13/16” ÷ 7 1/16” Class 10000 psi, 1 13/16” ÷ 5 1/8” Class 15000 psi, 1 13/16” ÷ 3 1/16” Class 20000 psi. Any other size upon request. 2” ÷ 60” Class ANSI 600, 2” ÷ 48” Class ANSI 900, 2” ÷ 36” Class ANSI 1500, 2” ÷ 20” Class ANSI 2500. Larger sizes available on request.
WATER DEPTH Up to 3000 m (10000 ft). Greater depth upon application. Up to 3000 m (10000 ft). Greater depth upon application.


Forged body, two pieces
Bolted closure
Trunnion mounted
Full Bore
Single Piston Effect (SPE)
Soft or Metal Seated
Wear resisting hardfacing on sealing surfaces
Qualification to PR2
Double Block and Bleed (DBB)
Local position indicator


Flanges (to API 17D / ISO 13628-4)
Flanges (to ASME B16.5 up to 24” and B16.47A for 26” and larger)
Compact flanges (to Norsok L005)
Studded flanges
Buttwelded ends
Hub ends for clamped connections (as per customer requirement)


Carbon steel with partial or full CRA overlay on the wetted areas
Low alloy carbon steel with partial or full CRA overlay on the wetted areas
Stainless steel
Duplex and Superduplex stainless steel
Nickel Alloy


ROV operated gear
Quarter turn hydraulic actuator w/ or w/o ROV Override
Electric multiturn


Reduced bore
Double Piston Effect (DPE) seats or mixed configuration (SPE/DPE)
Stem extension
ROV bucket extension
Local position indicator extension
Remote indicators (LVDTs and Limit switches)
Double Block and Bleed (DBB)
Retrievability of the actuator

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