Subsea Actuators

A wide range of subsea mechanical gears and hydraulic actuators (linear and quarter turn) tailored to meet Customer requirements with the highest level of performance and reliability.


  • Tailored to the valve to meet the highest performance in the most compact design
  • Proven technology due to a large installed base
  • Suitable for HIPPS applications
Subsea Actuators

ATV provides a wide range of subsea gear and hydraulic operators to meet the stringent demand of subsea valve actuations, suitable for operating torque up to 360.000 Nm and water depth up to 3000 m (10000 ft): 

  • Subsea quarter turn hydraulic actuators with rack and pinion design, double acting or fail safe, with or without manual override (ROV, Handwheel, etc.); 

  • Subsea quarter turn hydraulic actuators with helical spline design, double acting or fail safe, with or without manual override (ROV, Handwheel, etc.);

  • Subsea quarter turn hydraulic fail safe actuators, where the ROV intervention is designed not to compress the spring;

  • Subsea linear hydraulic actuators, double acting or fail safe with or without manual override (ROV, Handwheel, etc.);

  • Subsea mechanical gears, operated by ROV or Handwheel.

ATV operators are designed according to main International Standards to meet customer’s requirements in terms of operating pressures and torques, materials and safety factors. ATV offers the highest level of performance and reliability being its actuators engineered to grant safety and extended operating life. Furthermore, because of the compact design the ATV actuators are suitable to be installed even on on-land valves.  

Very fast closing times can be met regardless of valve pressure rating and size: that makes the actuators perfectly suitable for HIPPS applications. Due to its proven reputation and strong experience in subsea applications, ATV is able to provide subsea HIPPS system for deep and ultra-deep water: for further information, please visit HIPPS page.

Retrievable design is available in order to have the possibility to declutch the actuator and retrieve it to the surface or reposition it on another valve, without affecting the production line. ATV provides different proprietary design for ROV bucket or diver retrievability, while the interface for the landing tool will be made to the user’s design. 

ATV actuators meet the SIL 3 requirements according to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 and fully comply with PR2 qualification requirements. Hyperbaric tests are carried out in-house within the hyperbaric chamber rated for 4500 mt water depth. For further information, please visit the Hyperbaric Chamber page. ATV qualifies the helical springs to be used in its spring return fail-safe actuators by cycling them for 5000 cycles using a dedicated equipment. 


Subsea Actuators - Specifications


TYPE Hydraulic actuator ROV Operated Mechanical Gear
APPLICABLE STANDARD API 17D, ISO 10423, ISO 14313, ISO 13628-4, ISO 14723, ISO 13628-8 API 17D, ISO 10423, ISO 14313, ISO 13628-4, ISO 14723, ISO 13628-8
RANGE Up to 350.000 Nm (hydraulic quarter turn) and 2.000.000 N (hydraulic linear) up to 360.000 Nm
WATER DEPTH Up to 3000 m (10000 ft) Up to 3000 m (10000 ft)


Rack and Pinion / Helical Spline design
Spring return / Double Acting design
Fail Safe Open / Close
Fail As Is
Full Compensation (Open or Closed)
Local Position Indicator
HIPPS Application
ROV Interface According to ISO 13628-8


Selection of high strength and high corrosion resistant materials, resulting from long experience, selected in accordance with customer requirements


Stem extension
Local position indicator extension
Remote position indicators (LVDTs and Limit Switches)
ROV to Customer design
Actuator Retrievability
Handwheel torque tool for diver operations for diver operation through ROV bucket

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