HPHT Subsea Top Entry Ball Valve

The world first 7 1/16" subsea ball valve qualified at 15.000 psi and 400°F


  • HPHT
  • Designed and qualified to 17TR8
HPHT Subsea Top Entry Ball Valve

Deepwater hydrocarbon discoveries in recent years have been intechnically-challenging reservoirs, which require the implementation of new technologies for developing the fields. The development of high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) equipment is a major priority for future developments. Typical challenges faced by HPHT equipment design include pressure containment, material selection and seal technology.

ATV has a long history of designing, qualifying and delivering HPHT subsea valves.A very interesting case is a 7 1/16” Top Entry Ball Valves rated for 15.000psi, Hydraulic and ROV operated, qualified for 400 °F (204 °C) and 2300 m water depth, delivered in February 2017 to a major US Oil Company for a project in the Gulf of Mexico. The valve has been designed and qualified to the requirements of a very stringent new Industry standard (17TR8 -"High-Pressure High-Temperature Design Guidelines"), introduced to cover the High-pressure High-temperature service conditions. The qualification program has included extensive cycling also with temperature, high pressure gas test and hyperbaric test at ATV test facility to verify the valve performance at the bottom of the sea during a period of several months. 

It is the first ball valve ever qualified worldwide for these extreme conditions. 

Don’t take any risk and turn to ATV, the subsea valve leader. We have the expertise to support your needs to develop technological solutions in high-pressure, high-temperature conditions.


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