Boarding Shut-Down Valves (BSDV) system for the GoM

The challenge to develop valves designed to more rigorous design criteria and more stringent testing requirements.


  • Rigorous design criteria
  • Stringent testing requirement
  • Tailor-made assembly
Boarding Shut-Down Valves (BSDV) system for the GoM

Additional and more stringent regulations have been implemented in the Gulf of Mexico by the American authorities after the tragic Macondo well blow-out to further reduce the risk and potential consequences of offshore accidents. 

Particularly relevant to the oil operators is the introduction of a new category of valve, the riser Boarding Shut-Down Valve (shortly BSDV).
BSDVs are the first barriers that must close and isolate, with zero-leakage, the subsea production from the production platform, in the event of a process upset or emergency, therefore playing a critical role in the integrity of the facility. BSDVs are part of a separate emergency shut-down system independent from the normal ESDV and add one additional safety layer to further reduce the risk of major accidents. Due to their critical duty and reliability requirements, BSDVs are subjected to rigorous design criteria and more stringent testing requirements, in order to realize the overall availability objectives of a subsea production system. 

Accepting the challenge and the request of the Customer to address a changed regulatory environment, ATV has delivered to a platform in the Gulf of Mexico, operated by an independent offshore mid-stream operator, two complete BSDV trains: each one including two main  T.C. Slab Gate valves 7 1/16” Class 15.000 psi (1038 barg design pressure) operated by fail safe close compact hydraulic actuator, and a 2” by-pass system that includes two 2 1/16" Class 15.000 psi T.C. Slab Gate Valve (with FSC hydraulic operator) and one choke valve motor operated.

The valves delivered are successfully in operation since 2016 and are monthly tested with a strict acceptance criteria of no visible leakage. 


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